the best discord bot

Discord add to discord


  • resets twice a year with real money rewards
  • over 150+ items to collect
  • bakery, gambling, farming, workers, minecraft, cryptocurrency and much more
  • view season history
  • view leaderboards
networth command

chat reactions

  • fun typing game for all server members
  • uses word lists from monkeytype - or create your own
  • customisable timings
  • duel specific players with $cr duel
  • view leaderboards with $cr lb
  • compete in official tournaments for a keyboard tag
chat reaction message


  • many different gambling games including blackjack, mines, dragon tower, races and scratch cards
  • earn xp to level up
  • contribute earned rewards to guilds for higher bonuses
  • use boosters to push the limits
scratch card finished game


  • full standard moderation suite
  • case system with uploadable evidence screenshots
  • customisable automute with custom cooldown time
  • chat filter with similarity % to catch people trying to evade detection
  • alt management - add known alts to users to punish together

reaction roles

  • modern implementation using buttons rather than emojis reactions
  • use an emoji or a text label
  • unique and many modes preventing users from collecting all roles
  • role whitelist - require members to have a specific role before using
reaction roles

role persist

  • prevent members from losing specific roles when they leave the server
  • it's as easy as doing /role persist add <role>
  • role data is deleted after 30 days
role persist list

mention history

  • no more annoying ghost pings 🙄
  • works in every server
  • your messages are safe with two layer encryption
pings command