the best discord bot


seasonal economy

every few months a new season will start, (real money) rewards are given to top players from the last season
view season history here


sell and buy items from other people by the price they set. depends on supply and demand of the item.

mention history

keep track of your pings, see who ghost pinged you 🙄


play the popular wordle game on discord. guess the word and test your smarts. wordle leaderboard

street racing

start and race in races with cars to earn money. contains a lot of cars: toyota supra m4, tesla model x, corsa 2003, skyline gtr.


buy and sell fake cryptocurrency, updates to real cryptocurrency value, contains ethereum and bitcoin. lose money simulator.

prestige system

gain xp through gambling to prestige, unlocking rewards and increasing your vote rewards


get items, sell them, keep em' and be greedy, use them to bully others and flex. contains a lot of items with more being added.


gamble all of your money away, or win big. contains the most popular games: blackjack, mines, slots, dragon tower & more.


earn easy money by buying workers and upgrading them. this is the easiest way to earn money, just sit back and relax.

karma system

earn karma from interacting with the bot, spend it in the karma shop on premium membership & rare items


very capable moderation system, mutes, bans, case management, alt tracking and auto punishments ($alts), chat automod